Spal Automotive Spa

Correggio (RE), Italy
Type of intervention
Heating system.
Description of intervention
Spal Automotive is world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipment.
Torreggiani & C. installed the heating system of the new production building, made of prefabricated galvanized steel components, with the installation of a radiant system with ceiling radiant panels running on high-temperature hot water. The heat, radiated without dispersion and without generating air movements, is absorbed by the solid bodies and immediately transformed into thermal energy.
The system is connected to the building by means of a complex system of brackets and shelves — built by Torreggiani & C. — designed to be free from the structure and able to house all the mechanical, electrical and manufacturing cycle systems.
spal automotive
spal automotive
spal automotive