Hospital of Guastalla


Guastalla (RE), Italy

Type of intervention

Summer and winter air conditioning, medical gas distribution, vacuum system.

Description of intervention

The hospital of Guastalla is a medium-sized hospital that is part of the northern area of the Reggio Emilia Local Health Unit. The air-conditioning systems installed by Torreggiani & C. are of the mixed type, consisting of a radiant ceiling structure and a fresh air system. This system has saved around 30% of annual requirements. This type of system interfaces with a home automation system which, as well as detecting the presence in the rooms and the air quality, allows the required characteristics to be varied remotely. The AHUs are integrated with free-cooling systems which, in the mid-seasons, allow the air to be cooled or heated with no need to switch on refrigeration units or heat generators. Torreggiani & C. also dealt with the construction of the compressed medical gas and vacuum distribution systems, designed and built according to UNI EN ISO 7396-1 standards.
Ospedale di Guastalla
Ospedale di Guastalla
Ospedale di Guastalla