Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.


Parma, Italy

Type of intervention

Summer and winter air conditioning, medical gas distribution, vacuum system.

Description of intervention

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Chiesi Group) is an Italian multinational pharmaceutical company based in Parma, Italy.
The company boasts more than 4k international patents — according to 2020 data from the European Patent Office (EPO), Chiesi Group, with 38 patents filed, ranks first among Italian pharmaceutical companies and fourth among Italian companies in all sectors in terms of number of patent filings.
The company employs more than 6,300 people and has three production plants around the world — in Parma, in Blois-La Chaussée in France and in Santana de Parnaìba in Brazil.

Torreggiani & C. s.p.a. carried out the following works:
New chemical dehumidifier.
New utilities lines for laboratory services (chilled water, steam, drinking water and condensate drains).
Revamping of 8 laboratories (HVAC, utilities and technical gases).