Delle Notarie Hotel


Reggio Emilia, Italy

Type of intervention

Summer and winter air conditioning, water treatment.

Description of intervention

The Delle Notarie Hotel is located in the heart of Reggio Emilia, Italy, in an elegant building of medieval origin. In 1816 part of the building was purchased by Bartolomeo Sidoli, father of Giovanni, a young patriot from Reggio Emilia. Torreggiani & C. built the technological systems during the last restoration. The heart of the system is represented by: • heating plant with pressurized steel boilers • cooling plant with water chillers cooled by tower water • water treatment system for softening, storing and relaunching drinking water and for the production of domestic hot water. The area in the basement houses several substations which supply the different sectors of the building. The 4-pipe system ensures the ideal indoor climatic conditions according to the guests’ requests.