Maserati Avl

Modena, Italy
Type of intervention
Construction of engine test cell installations.
Description of intervention

Maserati is one of the richest car manufacturers in terms of charm, tradition and sporting success. It was founded in Bologna, Italy on 1 December 1914 by Alfieri Maserati as a mechanical workshop called “Officine Alfieri Maserati” (Alfieri Maserati Workshops). In 1926 Maserati was transformed from a workshop that modified or developed cars of other manufacturers into a company that designed, made and sold its own cars. In the late Thirties, following the acquisition of the company by the Modena-based entrepreneur Adolfo Orsi, Maserati moved to Modena, to the current plant in Viale Ciro Menotti. Since 2005, Maserati has been part of the Fiat Group – now FCA. It is a prestigious brand in the sports and luxury sedan segment, present in over 60 countries, where it continues to be a witness to refinement, elegance and Italian style around the world.

Torreggiani & C. S.p.A. carried out the following works:
New 4WD Maserati test cell for testing endothermic engines up to 800 kW.
New thermofluidic and aeraulic systems for the new Maserati test cell
Works carried out:
Connection of AHUs’ hydraulic circuits.
Construction of compressed air line.
Tower circuit and chilled water circuit.
Installation of osmosis water distribution system for steam humidifiers.
Installation of plant discharge networks.
Installation of gasoline plant.
Air conditioning and combustion air AHUs’ aeraulic connections.
Installation of comprehensive combustion exhaust gas ducts with supply of extractors.