Med Automotive S.p.A.

Sant’Ilario (Re), Italy
Type of intervention
Mechanical systems for the new plant.
Description of intervention
For over 40 years, MED Automotive has meant technology, innovation and reliability for the automotive sector all over the world. Today, in fact, it is one of the most important manufacturers of safety devices for all types of vehicles, such as alarms, immobilizers, satellite localization systems and parking sensors.
Today, MED Automotive is a division of AEB Technologies, an Italian company specializing in the creation of high-tech electronic applications and a center of excellence in the electronic manufacturing of the Landi Renzo SpA group, world leader in LPG and methane conversion systems. AEB Technologies pursues the desire to strengthen the design and commercial capabilities of all five company divisions in order to always hold a highly competitive position in its respective markets.

Torreggiani & C. S.P.A. installed mechanical and clean room air conditioning systems.

Torreggiani & C. S.P.A. built the heat pump systems for the new plant and the air conditioning of the offices with advanced thermoregulation systems.