Brescello (RE), Italy

Type of intervention

Summer and winter air conditioning

Description of intervention

Immergas is one of the leading European companies in the heating sector and ranks first in Italy for the production and marketing of condensing and traditional boilers.
For the “Domus Technica” — a one-of-a-kind building in Italy selected by the Renzo Piano foundation and winner of several architectural awards — Torreggiani & C. built a complex series of systems designed to combine traditional and new generation energy resources.The equipment installed produces hot and cold primary fluids that are stored and reused to meet the energy requirements of the whole facility and also to contribute to heating and cooling the office building.

Immergas has 13 production lines, more than 600 employees, warehouses, offices, training and research centers, covering an area of almost 60k square meters. Immergas’ design and production center is based in Brescello, Reggio Emilia, Italy, just a few meters from where the first workshop was built. This is where most of the 7 million boilers installed — the appliances that make Immergas one of the largest heating companies in Italy, Europe and the world — were manufactured.

Torreggiani &C. S.P.A. built the mechanical systems of all the plants, and most recently those serving the new laboratories and research center at the Brescello headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

We built fire prevention, heating and cooling systems using the most cutting-edge technologies as well as special systems for test laboratories, medical and technical gases, compressed air and air handling.

Torreggiani guarantees system maintenance for all plants through a Third Party Management contract, including on-call service.